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I’m the perfect all-rounder

My high temperature silicone lid gives you the flexibility to cook, heat or freeze food with the lid on.

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No splatters, like ever

We’re right at home in your kitchen; whether it’s helping to cook your favourite dish, heating up leftovers, or storing food in the fridge or freezer. Our high-temperature silicone lid can stay on whether you’re using us to cook, heat or freeze – so no more food splatters! And our clever glass base is thermal shock-resistant, which means we can go from the fridge to the oven, no problem.



  • Lid

    High-temperature Silicone

  • Base

    Borosilicate glass

Recommended temperatures

  • Lid

    -20 to 200°C / -4 to 400°F

  • Base

    -20 to 315°C / -4 to 600°F

Colour range

  • Grey

  • Teal

  • Blue